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Metalhead Money's 2021 Year in Review

What can we say about 2021? For sure it was better than last year...

And for this small blog in the personal finance corner of the internet, it's been a year of growth! Here are some highlights:

Money Hacks for Metalheads and Old Millennials was a finalist for Best New Book in the 2021 Plutus Awards! I also connected with some fellow content creators while hosting the Newbie Blogger hangout at the Plutus Impact Summit.

The blog had 3,300 post views since April, when I began tracking with Google Analytics. The Musician of the Month series continued to be the most popular feature, with Brenna Leath's column getting the most views of any post this year. It was awesome talking with her, as well as fellow Musicians of the Month Blasko, Kim Dylla, Margaret Killjoy, and Tommy Stewart. Thank you for your time and insight!

In addition to those folks, Metalhead Money published 18 Music and Money interviews with artists and publicists in the underground metal scene. Big thanks to C Squared Music Marketing and Asher Media for hooking those up!

Brenna Leath (Crystal Spiders, Lightning Born)

But I got to do some talking too! I was excited to chat with Joney Verhaeghe on The Joney Talks Podcast about how to manage your finances as an underground artist, and hosted Chad Methner on an IG Live. (Gotta get back to those!)

In my own money journey, I'm happy I was able to navigate a partially unpaid maternity leave, make progress in retirement savings, and increase my monthly giving. My strategies: Excel/Google Sheets and automation!

Did I max out anything? No. Did I use credit cards? Yes. Am I gonna be "FI" before a normal retirement age? Probably not. I've accepted that "FIRE" is out of reach in my current circumstances -- and with current US healthcare policies -- but I'm still creating a better outlook for retirement and making my family more secure in the meantime.

What's next for Metalhead Money in 2022? That's a good freakin' question. Conversations will definitely continue on Twitter and I'd like to expand the Basics and Ask A Metalhead sections of the blog. There are also several Music and Money interviews waiting in the wings, so stay tuned for those!

But now, here's the real news: don't be surprised if there's a spring/summer blog hiatus... Little Brother is due April 25th!


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