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Music and Money with LUTHARO

Vocalist Krista Shipperbottom of Canadian thrashers LUTHARO takes over this installment of Music and Money! Check out what she has to say about giving her all to her music.

Tell our readers all about your band! Where are you from and when did you get started? What is your music like?

We are Lutharo, a heavy metal band from Hamilton Ontario. We formed back in high school in the year 2013 but played our first official show in 2014. Our music is a little mixture of a lot of genres even outside of metal. We like to joke around and call ourselves a “custom” metal band.

What are your goals for your band?

Our goals are to tour as much as possible and just become full time musicians for the rest of our lives.

What do you do for a living?

Aside from the band of course, I work at a hospital stocking supply rooms.

How do you balance your work and personal life with the band?

The band always comes first, so sometimes it’s easier to balance than others. I definitely don’t have that much free time but when I do I make sure to spend it with family and friends as much as possible.

What do you consider to be the best investment you've made, music-wise?

The best investment I made by far is my in-ear (monitor) system! I don’t know how I sang before having in-ears. For metal vocalists I feel like these are crucial to save your voice and your hearing.

What's the worst or least helpful thing you've ever spent money on as a musician/band?

Hmm, that’s hard to say. Everything we’ve ever spent money on has been trial and error so that essentially means everything has been a learning experience which is always good.

What kind of merch sells the best for your band? And what do you purchase most often as a music listener?

CDs and T-shirts are definitely the most purchased item. For myself personally it depends on the band. Basically whatever I find cool or unique at a merch table is what I’ll get. There’s never something specific.

Can you share some tour budgeting tips?

The best thing would be to buy your own food and beer from a store instead of going out to eat. That saves a ton of money.

Which online music or social media platforms are most helpful to your band?

YouTube and Spotify have been really helpful for us because they have given us the most exposure.

What does "making it" mean to you, and what do you think a band needs to make it in 2020?

I believe “making it” is when you can finally quit your day job and become a full time musician.


Lutharo Is:

Krista Shipperbottom – Vocals Victor Bucur – Guitars, backing vocals John Raposo – Guitars Chris Pacey – Bass Duval Gabraiel – Drums



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