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Musician of the Month, October 2020: Dan Lorenzo of Vessel of Light

Being able to balance band life with family and work is, well, a balancing act. Guitarist Dan Lorenzo of New Jersey doom outfit Vessel of Light takes over at October's Musician of the Month and tells us how he makes it work.

Vessel of Light has a new album coming out on October 23rd -- preorder the album and preview the title track here!

Tell me about your band Vessel of Light and what you guys have coming up this fall!

We are beyond excited that California's Nomad Eel Records will be releasing VESSEL OF LIGHT's new CD/Cassette Last Ride on October 23rd. This is our 4th release in 3 years and I really think vocals will take us to the next level. Ron and Jimmy and I....I think we are playing tighter than ever. These songs are just so damn catchy and heavy, Jessie!

How have you been affected by the pandemic?  Both yourself personally and the band.

Well, it sucks... The only good thing that came out of the pandemic is it gave us time to make the best album of our career and it will come out sooner because of the shutdown. My wife and I both worked and got our paychecks as normal, but my heart breaks for people particularly small businesses that were forced to shut down. 

Tell me about your tattoo/piercing supply company, Painful Pleasures.  How long have you been at that?   

I freaking love my job! I've been with them 6 years now. I'm in sales so during "normal" times I visit shops and go to tattoo conventions and get new clients for Painful Pleasures. With the lock-down and artists not being able to work I was able to communicate with even more artist directly so I turned even more people on to Painful Pleasures. We sell tattoo, piercing and medical supplies so if you own a shop or you work in a shop we can save you money. It doesn't feel like a "job" to me 95% of the time because I love the company so much and I feel like I'm helping piercers and artists save money.

Coronavirus aside, how do you "make it work" balancing a serious underground with family and financial responsibilities?

For me it's easy. I move quickly and am very efficient with my time. I don't have any stupid habits. Like, I know people who smoke cigarettes and then complain about their finances. That makes no sense to me. Make good choices and spend less than you earn. When my wife and I bought our first home the mortgage broker approved us for a $400,000 home. I lied to my wife for the first and last time. I told her we got approved for a $300,000 home. We like to travel and eat at restaurants. I'm conservative financially. 

What do you think every underground band should know about keeping their books straight and maybe even turning a profit?

Jessie, I will turn your readers on to something most musicians never heard of: Sound Exchange. If you have released "real" records, CDs, vinyl, digital releases for sale to the public they have money for you. Even if you're a drummer and you didn't write any songs. Harry Fox is another great agency if you release albums domestically in Germany and you own your publishing. 

What is the most important investment for a band? 

Hmmmm. I think the time to investigate and fill out the necessary forms for Sound Exchange is a better investment than any equipment honestly.

What do you think has most helped Vessel of Light build a fanbase?

Airplay on Sirius/XM and social media. Check out @VesselOfLightMusic.

Are there any other awesome bands in your scene that you think our readers should check out?

Yes. Nathan's other band Ancient VVisdom. Also, Black Water Rising are amazing live. 

That's a wrap! Check out Vessel of Light on Facebook and bandcamp.


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