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Passive Income and Side Hustle Report, October 2020

October was a spooky but fruitful month over here! In September, I somehow made $421.56 from passive income and side hustles... Did I manage to repeat this way-above-average number in October?

Hustling up some acorns....

Well, let's first take a look at my goals for the past month, copy/pasted from September's post:

  • Update my best-selling Teachers Pay Teachers Flipgrid tutorial to reflect new site design

  • Sign up 2 more Patreon subscribers

  • Sell 10 copies of Money Hacks for Metalheads and Old Millennials -- 5 more to go since the beginning of the month!

  • Put my measly eBay earnings towards a share of some dividend-paying stock so that it wasn't a complete waste of time

Flipgrid Tutorial = DONE! Now I'm not selling people last year's version....

Patreon Subscribers = NOT DONE. We're holding steady at eight folks who are enjoying download codes, early access blog content, and more. Thanks for your support, subscribers!

In somewhat related news, the blogs welcomed our first ad sponsor in quite awhile: Heather's Records and Relics. Thanks to Heather's support, I can now tell my inner accountant that the blogs have broken even on their yearly web maintenance costs -- which is pretty neat. If you're into records and vintage memorabilia, visit her eBay store to start your holiday shopping!

Book Sales = DONE! I sold 13 copies of Money Hacks for Metalheads and Old Millennials in October: 12 paperbacks and one ebook preorder. It was all through Amazon, so I didn't even need to go to the post office. I did notice most of the sales corresponded with my social media plugs.

Stock purchase = DONE! I bought one share of Coca-Cola ($KO), which has a dividend yield of 3.24%. A single share isn't much, but ya gotta start somewhere!

All righty, so how did October's numbers turn out?

  • Interest: $15.09

  • Dividends: $5.93

  • Credit Card Cash Back: no freakin' clue

  • Teachers Pay Teachers Payout: $26.26

  • Writing: $367

  • eBay sales, less shipping and fees: $15.30

  • Website Ads: $75 (one-year subscription)

Total: $504.58

Ummmmmm.... Holy crap?? Not so fast. About half of that sweet number reflects getting paid for curriculum writing work I did over the summer; that payment covered one vet bill and one pay period of the union dues that just happened to kick in. To find out what else I did with my passive income and side hustle dough this month -- plus some general suggestions -- stay tuned for an upcoming post.

My main takeaway after looking at the numbers this month is that some things build up little by little. My interest and dividend income, while miniscule, is more than it was last month; so were my eBay and Teachers Pay Teachers sales. The key is to keep it growing!

My November goals are mostly things within my control -- and while these steps may not immediately translate to revenue, I hope they will contribute to the big picture.

Leave a comment to let me know your goals as the end of the year approaches!


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