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Shaking Things Up with the Dairy Queen: An Interview with Marisa Bloom

Who doesn't love a good Dairy Queen Blizzard? Or in my neighborhood, a Carvalanche... I'll take chocolate with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, but songstress Marisa Bloom is all about the Oreo!

In her new single "Dairy Queen," Bloom laments unrequited crushes and delicious desserts that are just out of reach -- perfectly capturing that hungry feeling in this surf-tinged pop-punk summer anthem.

As a full-time writer, mom of two tweens, editor of, and singer/guitarist of Fairfield, CT punk band Trashing Violet, Bloom is a busy lady. (Just typing that list makes me tired!) Still, she found some time to talk with Metalhead Money about the inspiration and production of "Dairy Queen." Check it out!

This is your first solo single release since before having kids. What made this the right time?

In 2017, I finally started jamming with other musicians and started the band Trashing Violet -- and over the last few years, we've recorded and released several songs together. But at the height of the Covid lockdowns, I realized that life was short and I still had a lot of solo songs (which didn't work for my band) that I wanted to release. That's when my husband suggested I check out Factory Underground in Norwalk. My friend Vicki F. had worked with a few producers there and had amazing results with her solo record. Also, while I love my band so much, I've wanted to do a solo album for a VERY long time. After recording a few songs that I'd written pre-kids, I still felt like something was missing -- I needed to go big with a powerful song that embodied all of me, and could truly anchor a solo record. When I wrote "Dairy Queen," I realized I hit the jackpot!

Were there any real-life anecdotes that inspired the lyrics?

I was just thinking about summer, and crushes, and how an unrequited crush is like wanting ice cream when you're on a strict, strict diet. There are moments throughout the song inspired by moments in my life, but the piece is more of a story inspired by a feeling.

Why is this a Marisa Bloom song rather than a Trashing Violet song?

Trashing Violet tends to record at home, separately, laying down each track. It's a very collaborative process -- which I love -- but it also takes a bit longer to get songs to the finish line. The moment I wrote "Dairy Queen" -- about nine months ago -- I knew I wanted to release it as soon as humanly possible, which is difficult when you're in a band with three other busy people. This song also sounds a little different than a Trashing Violet song, and has more of a rockabilly feel to it.

Tell me about the logistics of putting together a backing band.

It was pretty simple. My producer, Kenny Cash, plays bass and knew a great guitar player and a great drummer. They rocked, so I hired them.

You also have some really cool, retro pics to go with this single. Tell me about your photo shoot!

Thank you! I'm obsessed with vintage Gil Elvgren pinup art! I also love vintage guitars -- like my 1970s Airline, 1950s/60s Gretsch hollow body and semi-hollow body guitars, and vintage Gibson guitars. When I approached photographer John Shyloski about my vision of doing a glam/pinup look with my Gibson ES335 and a milkshake (and a 1950s diner feel), he was all in! We spent an entire day shooting at Factory Underground Studios and I love the images so much!

How do you balance family life with your work as a freelance writer, your band, and your solo project?? Both time and finance-wise, that is a lot of balancing!

Every working parent I know, and every stay-at-home parent, has a TON on their plate these days. I've got an incredibly supportive husband and just two children who are 10 and 11, so it's much easier than when they were little to balance all the things. Parenthood has taught me how to manage my time better, too. I try to structure and schedule my days in advance as much as possible. I also delegate as much as possible -- especially chores, now that my kids are older. But, admittedly, there are times when I'm up at 4 a.m. because I have so much to get done and I can't sleep!

How does being a mom affect (or not affect) the content you put out?

I don't curse as much, but that's about it. When my sons were little, I tried playing more vanilla stuff -- but it felt inauthentic. Try as I might, I have no interest in making a children's record about dinosaurs -- it's just not me!

What advice would you give to other musical moms or parents who are trying to "do it all"?

Don't kill yourself -- you are only human and can do only so much! For example, I'd love to go on tour, but I just can't right now between my responsibilities at home raising tween-age sons, music, and needing to travel back and forth between Connecticut and Maryland a lot to see my aging parents. That doesn't mean I won't ever go on tour again -- just that I'm not in a position to tour right at this moment. Also, don't compare yourself to your friends in other bands who play better clubs or seem to be getting more done. It's possible they have better childcare resources, fewer responsibilities, or better industry ties. If you work hard and focus on your craft, and try to support your friends in bands as much as possible, good things will come your way -- just be grateful when they do!

Now you wanna listen to this awesome song, right?? Be prepared to crave an Oreo Blizzard!

For more from Marisa Bloom Music, visit her Linktree.


Photos by John Shyloski, courtesy of Marisa Bloom.

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