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"Really well written and on point.  An important topic."

-- Craig Breitsprecher, CFP® and bassist of Prosthetic Records artists Fires in the Distance


"What I liked is how Jessie related to everyday life and gave real examples of her own methods of saving and spending. It is easy to say 'spend less and earn more,' but how?  She goes into that with real-life, attainable concrete examples without getting preachy or sounding like she is lecturing the reader."


Money Hacks Book Cover.jpg

With interviews from music industry professionals including Jeramie Kling (Venom Inc., The Absence), Monica Strut (The Last Martyr), and more, Money Hacks offers an uncommon angle on a universal topic that can be enjoyed by musicians and music lovers alike.

Money Hacks... is currently available in paperback format and will be released on Kindle December 1st, 2020.  Order your copy today!


Money Hacks for Metalheads and Old Millennials will help you conquer personal finance one riff at a time, with topics ranging from budgeting basics to retirement investment and passive income creation. Plus, sections on band finances and interviews with music industry professionals give this book a unique perspective that will inform and entertain readers who love heavy music.

In addition to her work as a librarian, blog editor, and freelance writer, author Jessie May has spent nearly two decades as a musician in the northeastern United States' underground metal scene. She weaves together her own money and music journeys with practical advice for bands seeking to expand their audience, as well as explanations of essential personal finance concepts such as budgeting, credit repair, and retirement investing.

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